Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Davis Ryan Reid

Our first family photo....too bad Finny's not here!
The boys....this is Kim's little tike Sawyer. Aren't they cute!
Grandma Dodo is so proud!!!
Sawyer, Olivia and Davis...
Another proud grandma!


Ryan and Katie said...

Sorry I had to erase the first post and do it again which erased all of the comments. The pictures were not showing up for some reason. Anyways, hopefully it worked this time. Oh ya, the picture of Sawyer and Davis cracks me up. They are both so cute!!!


Anonymous said...

How pathetic is it that I live right here and have not had a chance to see him yet!!! I'm so sorry!!! I promise I will get there tomorrow, if it works, I'll call you. We have a gift, a card, and a crazy schedule! :-) Love you guys, we're so excited for you all!